Tuesday, 27 May 2014

30 prayer points to pray this/every morning (Command The Morning)

1. I take authority over this day, in the name of Jesus

2. I draw upon heavenly resources today

3. I decree that all the elements of the day will cooperate with me in the name of Jesus

4. I speak to the sun and declare that you will not smite me and my family this day

5. I render null and void any demonic incantations and satanic
prayers over me and my family, in the Jesus name

6. I retrieve this day out of the hands of the evil early risers

7. Let every battle in the heavenlies be won in favor of the angels conveying my blessings in Jesus name

8. O sun, moon and stars, carry your afflictions back to sender in the name of Jesus

9. Let the wicked and wickedness be shaken out from the ends of the earth, in Jesus name

10. O sun as you come forth, uproot all the wickedness that have come against my life in Jesus name

11. I program blessings into my life this morning. I command this
morning to be loaded with blessings

12. O sun, cancel every enemy of the Kingdom of God in my life in Jesus name

13. Those who spend the night pulling me down, let the elements destroy you in Jesus name

14. I establish the power of God over the heavenlies, in the name of

15. Every wicked altar in the heavenlies, I throw you down in Jesus name

16. I destroy every satanic connection between the heavenlies and my birth, in Jesus name

17. Every dark power hidden in the heavenlies against me, I bring you down in Jesus name

18. Every negative thing written in the cycle of the moon against me today be blotted out in Jesus name

19. I shake off every season of frustration in the satanic calendar against me in the name of Jesus

20. I terminate every evil agreement between my enemies and the heavenlies in Jesus name

21. I frustrate every satanic priest ministering enchantments against me, in the name of Jesus

22. I bind every evil power siphoning my blessing with chaos and confusion, in Jesus name

23. I nullify the incantations of evil spiritual consultants, in Jesus name

24. Let the handwritings of ordinances programmed by satanic agents into the heavenlies against me be wiped out by the blood of Jesus

25. Spirits of favor, counsel, might and power come upon me in the
name of Jesus

26. I shall excel this year and nothing shall defy me

27. I shall possess the gates of my enemies this year, in Jesus name 28. My ears shall hear good news and my eyes shall see good this year

29. I take divine insurance against all forms of accidents and disasters and tragedy, in the name of Jesus

30. Oh Lord, empower me to reach my destiny in Jesus name

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