Thursday, 12 June 2014

VIDEO: Yetunde Joyce – Find God | @iamYetundeJoyce

Ireland based Nigerian Gospel singer Yetunde Joyce comes out with an elite oriented video for her song “Find God” that portrays art elements of the Italian/France Renaissance period yet the Africanisation of its use was in no way undermined.

Speaking during a recent interview while she was on a short visit to Nigeria, Yetunde said that:
“‘Find God’ is a music of hope, no matter what it is you are going through, find God and you will never be disappointed.”
Find God was shot in Ireland and was Directed by Ovie Etseyatse. The song is off the 2014 released album “G.O.D [Granting Our Desires]”


Yetunde Joyce also known as YJ is the CEO of Seed of Life an establishment which inspires the progress of the entertainment industry for better ground-breaking productivity, professional setting of good business practice; as well as skilled coaching in the Gospel music area.
Also she is the Founder and President of Loving and Affectionate Couple a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which supports married Couples and those in a relationship heading to marriage worldwide. She is a Motivational Speaker, a Relationship Therapist and Certified Event/Project Administrator. Also Yetunde Joyce is an associate of Kabiesi Radio based in Nigeria.
Yetunde Joyce was named among the most Influential Africans in Ireland and Northern Ireland (which is part of the United Kingdom) at Power-list Ireland Awards 2012, and awarded African Leadership Excellence Award.

Her album titled “Amazing God” was released in 2011 while G.O.D (Granting Our Desire) is the new album released this year 2014. “Find God” “I Choose to Be Free” and “Worthy” her some of the songs in the album.
Yetunde Joyce recently became Ireland’s National Coordinator for Women of African Origin in Music Ministry (WAOMM), a forum which has the likes of Onos (Nigeria), Isabella (UK), Anu (USA), Eloho Efumuai (Scotland) and more.
She has worked with various gospel artists like Sonnie Badu, vocal tutors like Martha, Robyn Richardson and music producers/directors like Wole Oni.

Twitter: @iamyetundejoyce
Facebook: Yetunde Joyce Oyeneyin

Gospel Music Legend Andraé Crouch Needs Our Prayers

Nine-time GRAMMY® Award Winner and gospel music legend Pastor Andraé Crouch is currently facing serious health challenges and needs our prayers at this time. Below is a note from the Crouch Family:
Hello Friends,
Per Sandra Crouch, our dear father in the contemporary gospel music, Pastor Andrae’ Crouch, is facing some serious health challenges and was just released from the hospital last week.
His music has encouraged us, helped many make a decision to give their lives to the Lord, opened doors that allowed countless artists to have careers in the gospel music industry and brought a spirit of praise and worship into millions of churches across the world regardless of denomination or race.
He was there for us and now we need to be there for him with our prayers. Although we will never be able to tell him all he has meant to the body of Christ we can try by sending words of encouragement/testimonials that will speak life to his spirit.
To send your message within the next 48 hours please email and be a part of pouring into someone who has poured so much into us through his music.
- The Crouch Family
Andraé Crouch (born July 1, 1942) is an American gospel singer, songwriter, arranger, recording artist, record producer, and pastor.

NEWS: Etcetera Says “Nigerian Gospel Songs Can’t Lead You to Christ”

Etcetera, in his latest post is dissing Nigerian gospels songs and their artistes. Do you agree with him?
Just like our Nigerian pastors, Nigerian gospel songs cannot lead you to Christ.
Nigerian gospel songs are not spiritually uplifting. They are mostly about the things of the flesh, about riches and fame. The simple use of religious terms and phrases here and there is not enough to lead anyone to Christ. I dare you to go to any Nigerian gospel musician’s website and see if you will find a simple plan of salvation. You won’t.
Most of the songs being sold to the public as “Christian songs” are religious rubbish. Most of them are songs without the truth, Church’ianity and not Christianity. Because most of the Nigerian gospel musicians are themselves not Christ-like. They carry as many babes as the worldly hip hop stars. Fornicate on Saturday night and minister to you in church on Sunday morning, tasking you to wave your handkerchief in the name of the lord.
Do not be deceived my brothers and sisters, God is no author of confusion. Most of the people who sing and produce these gospel songs are not living in Christ. Today in Nigeria, we hear of pastors and gospel artistes involved in sex scandals and visiting native doctors. You may argue that we should focus on the music and not the singer, forgetting that music generally is a very powerful force that has a way of breaking down barriers. And the same powerful force can be tainted with negative lyrics and ungodly lifestyle that can pierce through the hearts of the listeners and reshape their values.
Most of these gospel songs are written in a fashion that is strange to the principles of Christianity. Gospel singers and pastors are now covering themselves in glory. Dining with politicians who evidently display everything the Bible condemns. The Bible says in James 1:27 or 2 Peter 2:20, that the world taints and makes impure. So as a gospel artiste, God commands that you cannot live in sin like men of the world. You cannot live like the worldly musicians. If your music sounds worldly, seems worldly, and promoted like a worldly music, then it is not gospel. When you glorify anything other than God in your music, it is called idolatry. And you are giving Satan a great satisfaction.
Satan loves all the religious songs that don’t mention the truth of God’s word. So, beware brethren, all this wishy-washy, ear-tickling and worldly gospel songs won’t take you anywhere near Christ.
At this juncture, my brothers and sisters in the lord, I rest my case. Just like Apostle Paul says in Galatians 4:16: “I am therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth. So before you condemn me with you comments, remember the Bible says in 1st Chronicles 16:22, “Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” Amen