Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A must watch Cane and Abel story

Watch below youtube embeded video and comment your lesson.

Spirit of God upon every believers ?

Welcome back to Salvationnigeria blog, this is my first post since 2014 and I promise to make this one very brief.
Once your give your live to Christ, you have the [Holy] Spirit of God dwelling in you.
God is Holy and He cannot dwell in unholy body. That is why a believer feels rejected and empty whenever he/she does thing outside The Will of God.
Lets take look at this Verse from NLT "Job 27:3 - As long as I live, while I have breath from God,"
Yes!! your Life as a believer is from God and Jesus Christ is The Life.
I am not talking about the live that is in you when you where born rather the Live that Jesus brought!
Then, The Breath in the above verse is The Spirit of God from God.
The Spirit of God connects you to God.
It is the presence of God in you.

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