Monday, 26 May 2014

What If You Died Today?

Let me ask you a question…
Do you know for sure where you would spend your eternity if you died today?
Are you living in this world to get rich or die trying?

(rich in money, rich in relationships, rich in fame, rich in possessions, rich in power, etc...)

Some people say they’re scared to die. Some say they’re ready to die. Regardless of that, almost everyone wants to go to Heaven. Despite of what they’re hoping Heaven will be like, all people want to get there.They want heaven because they hear it’s a “better place” or a place where “dreams come true.” The truth is that it's infinitely and incomprehensibly better.In fact, there’s no pain, no suffering, and no death in Heaven. There’s even no need for church buildings because everyone is there with God forever. We will be face-to-face with the Creator of everything and everyone we have ever known and loved here on earth.

So how do we get to Heaven?
God requires us to be perfect.
So, are you perfect? Five things to remember about living the new life in Christ

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